Boat Wraps

Get a professional boat wrap from the experienced team at Lake Havasu's InkWrap. We can wrap any boat or watercraft, contact us today for a free estimate.

Car, Truck and Van Wraps

Raise your local profile, turn your vehicle into a moving billboard! Get a custom vehicle wrap today - Car Wraps, Truck Wraps and more from Lake Havasu's InkWrap.

[img src=]2180Colorado River Outfitters
[img src=]1440Detail Boss
[img src=]1680Elite Yard Service
[img src=]1280EZ Moving
[img src=]1250Hampton Inn Shuttle
[img src=]1430Havasu Living Magazine
[img src=]1290Jersey's Grill Truck
[img src=]1490Landstar Diesel
[img src=]1170Masonry and More
[img src=]1130On The Level Masonry
[img src=]1270Ragnar Van
[img src=]1450Rootbeer Truck
[img src=]1280Sic Chops
[img src=]1260Smart Shopper
[img src=]1270Stallion Mobile PA
[img src=]1290Taz Concrete
[img src=]1230Taz Concrete
[img src=]1240Wash Me Car Wash

Off-Road and Trailer Wraps

Get a custom off-road wrap for your 4x4 truck, dirt bike, buggy, rally car, motor home or airplane today from Lake Havasu's InkWrap. Contact us for a free estimate.

[img src=]16590Anderson Jeep
[img src=]7840Dragster
[img src=]7540Elite Yard Service
[img src=]6700Evolve Truck
[img src=]7120Fun Mover Motorhome
[img src=]6890Motorhome
[img src=]7070Old School Gasser
[img src=]7470Polaris RZR
[img src=]6580Rhino
[img src=]6950Rhino
[img src=]6430Slightly Dangerous Airplane Wrap
[img src=]6580Speedbird Airplane Wrap
[img src=]6720Toy Hauler
[img src=]6410Toy Tote


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